Nimea Ariana, Visionary Artist.

”Engaging the path of Self-Discovery we set off on a journey between Life, Death and Creative Intellect, only ever to find ourselves.”
- NA



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Nimea Ariana is a Visionary Artist, Designer, Writer and Healer that creates in tangent with the Universe. In early 2008 she began her career while working in the Event Design and Production Industry in Toronto. Honing her skills to create large scale events and exhibits, she soon began to see her place as The Artist. As she thrives in cultivating ideas for adventures one can journey through, she engages each landscape of body, mind and soul, as if it’s a new dreamscape for one to explore.

After having a dream in spring 2010, Nimea Ariana was guided to make a shift. Her dream clearly stated to move to NYC on 10/10 and that she did.

Having worked with the magic of “The Secret”, manifesting major life transformations, beyond her expectations, she continues to follow the guidance of her dreams to manifest her reality to date. And so, on Oct 10, 2010 she began furthering her career as an Event Designer in NYC.

Not long after her arrival she began executing multi-million dollar contracts to design elaborate experiences from the ground up. Often transforming the visual landscape of entire venues, private properties and city blocks in mere days.

After suffering from both physical and mental health issues for years that went unnoticed, Nimea Ariana was awakened from her sleep state in 2013, while resting in her home in Dumbo, Brooklyn. It was time to begin deeper healing.

After a major Spiritual Awakening in 2011, Nimea Ariana fully stepped onto her path of Shamanism. In 2014 she was lead to discover her soul’s calling to work with the Indigenous Plants and Medicine People in Peru. As she began actualizing her gifts for moving energy and creating from the realms of the unseen, she set off to redefine who she was. Nimea Ariana felt she had discovered something new inside her self, that she had yet to share with the world.

As I create, I see myself entering new worlds with the people, places and experiences I’m destined to transform.

It’s as if I’m staring through a violet flame or crystal ball where all is known and has been felt before. I feel the energy rise within me and so I set off on a journey to translate the visions that have been encrypted. Like a crystal, I’m here to help raise the vibration.
— Nimea Ariana

Nimea Ariana’s work now combines all that she has learned along her career path, and as she sets off to create new visual stories, each she is certain will encourage dreamers to dream while opening ‘the field’ to discover our inner most potential.

While working with someone on commission or producing large scale exhibits, her work portrays the connection we all have to the Universe and the visions that are gifted as we choose to travel the hidden realms of our sub-conscious.

While the majority of her work speaks to the concepts of choice, she uses reflections of both dark and light to showcase the value of Life, Death and Creative Intellect.

Nimea Ariana believes…

We are all living works of art in motion.
— Nimea Ariana

Nimea Ariana

In order for one to progress the very Nature of our spirit, we must trust in the magic The Universe has gifted.
— Nimea Ariana

Projects —

Martk’d Sneaker Street Art Competition. 2nd Place
June 2019 | Toronto

One + Only. Solo Exhibit
April 2019 | Toronto

AGO Massive XV. Artist Installation. Crystalline Structures
Art Gallery of Ontario. April 2019 | Toronto

Rebirth. Solo Exhibit
January 2018 | Toronto


Press + Media —

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