Music | Best Me

"All I wanna do is be the best me" - Sylvan LaCue

My whole life is dedicated to self-discovery, self-development, growth and creation, discovering who I am, what I love and how to apply the lessons of my life in my life to creator a better life, for me, for all and integrate new awareness within. 

So I live by this motto - That all I wanna do is be the best me. I believe that's what we all want, really - how can we not, yet unfortunately, with the world as it has been, we have sought out being the best versions of ourselves, in things, stuff that is outside of ourselves, when in truth, we already have everything, and in order to discover the "things" we want in life, we must be willing to find it in ourselves first. 

Then, whnw e do, find ways to create with it, to unveil what we have found and apply those lessons in a creative way to empower others to feel free tobe themselves, to explore their worlds and feel the freedom that is God given, the freedom they deserve. Noone can stop you from achieveing what you want and what you deserve but you, all else is an illusion and it's time we wake up to see this, clue and and change the perspectives of the world, by embodying the change within ourselves.

Grateful for music, the beauty of the soul being expressed in its true divine nature and sharing insights as such. The music game has continued to change and from the way I see the world, this is the wave of the future. Soulful, music, empowered by the consciousness that lifts us up.

No longer will we be torn down.

- NA