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"You had just what you needed to be. Everything you want to be. But you'd rather run around these streets. Now you're feeling freer than you've ever been. But really you feel trapped, no need to pretend." - 6LACK

It's the truth isn't it, until we find ourselves in love, with who we are and what we want and willing to stick it through the hard times, willing to "put up the good fight" for what we believe to be just and right, then we will never fully be happy in life and we will always be searching for the grass along the other side.

This poetic concoction 6LACK produced, to share his journey through love and how it doesn't matter how free you think you are, you can not find that outside of yourself, as freedom is found inside the heart. Until you are able to look inside yourself, for what you want in life, and what you are willing to do to create that for yourself in life, you will never fully feel the freedom love can bring when it offers you an opportunity to co-create reality.

So the easiest thing people can do, when living in uncertainty is to flee, to run and chase something that has no depth or meaning to themselves, as it's the "next new thing", yet when they find meaning and love inside themselves, they rest assured, as they have found what they need and need nothing more. So as one finds this to be true, they will run as fast as they can, to do nothing else, then to be with "themselves", to enjoy the company of someone who reflects that passion inside their hearts, and minds and then get to embody it within their life. Joining forces to create new life and new waves in time.

There is always going to be a new wave, a new trend, a new idea and a person to test your hand, yet none of that will matter when you know who you are and what you want as a reflection to live with. You become the wave, you become the moving force, the fresh start, you become the push and pull magnetically moving about, and n that moment that you do, that you experience this feeling through and through, you have found you, you have found what you have come here to do, and then, is when you can let true love through, then is when you discover the most free version of you.

- NA