Music | Holdin' Me Down

Marco McKinnis | New Music

"I appreciate the things that you would do for me
And I appreciate the weight
That you would
Move for me, lose for me, groove with me

They way you dancing in the midst, of it all, you never had to teach me how to fall-- in love
(Cause It could happen on accident)
I'mma keep it real, my love was abstinent
After this
We can go missing in the moonlight
A new life, I can teach you how to
Make your moves right

Thinking bout all my actions after I made em
You know my every move so baby and say sumn" - Marco McKinnis

This is what I'm talkin' about, the music that will make someone move with it, groove with it and transform their presence simply just to feel good with it. I found this artist for the first time yesterday and a quick listen made me take a second glance. In life, it's easy to overlook someone or something, because of all the fast paced movement we are creating. It can be a process just to get someone to stop, look and listen, to not need to be somewhere else, whether on the phone or computer, another page, another person of whatever else... but rather actually be present, in the moment without needing to look anywhere else. 

As an artist it becomes a weight on the shoulders, to have to sit there and be patient for others, because you know you deserve the attention, the perspective, the presence of the greatness that is, to look back at you, because you are sitting there, creating greatness through you. But that's just it, it's for us to do, it's for us to create the greatness, through the subtle movements, and the image that led me to vibe with this song, was such a subtle moving gif, that places one in a trance for a bit. (When I find a sharable version, I'll add it. x)

Th Universe truly knows how to create such deep levels of awareness, and that's what happened when I am presented with music such as this, that the Universe is shedding a light on love and romance and profound artistic prowess, to shine a light letting me know, the greatness that is, is seeing this. So what it does, is reflect its presence back in the ways of which it does best, so to move mountains inside my heart beating chest. I am floored, because the world truly does conspire to give you exactly what you need, and this vibe, is exactly what I needed to see.

To see a part of me, I have yet to express through me, and spread the feeling so deep of what love truly means to me. So I put this song on repeat and take a deep dive in, to the poetics of Marco McKinnis and appreciate all he has had to go through, all he has seen, to create something so inspiring to me. I give gratitude, with much belief, that love truly is seeking me, as I continue to trust deeper in the hand that leads me, the vibrating frequency that calls out to me, for me to explore life through the eyes of God's creativity, I will see this love I seek, manifested in this reality, as clear to be. 

Feeling so blessed, to be able to play, dance and create waves of energy that moves us, just as this has. I'd say The Universe is def holdin' me down and I love what I've been dicovering along the way. So I'll continue to pray, let go and let be, to see new life, new love and new frequencies, flow my way, in synchronicity.

Let Love Lead,
- NA