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"My mind is blossoming think you are the wave, I beg to differ. I inherited the wave I am different." - IAMDDB

We are each so different, all ridin' our waves of light, a frequency we travel through this life and it is our choice how we express our visions of life through this experience. We at any moment can choose to use what makes us different as a way to express our creativity, and it is our duty to. We are given a voice for a reason, our purpose is to express, to create and unveil what flows through our minds, as a vision to realize, in time.

Never hold yourself back, because you have been slighted, taught or told you are different, or may not "fit in" to what society says is right or better. You are best, always you can be and do whatever you believe to be, so long as you are willing to discover yourself and just how strong you are to untangle the webs that wrap you up in doubt or disbelief that you, can do anything you put your mind to. By doing so you create opportunity as a possibility.

And as you receive an idea, a vision or a moment of realization, you chose if it resonates, if it's something you want to explore and create, or if it's something you leave for another as a path to take, or if it's best for you to explore another date, when your mind is clearer on the details you wish to paint.

I made a decision awhile ago, to never let anyone or anything tell me I can't do what I want to do, and while that may be a struggle at times, because I sometimes need to fall, to see my strength to rise, I have never been happier to find, this life I have, breaking down the walls I've built or others have built around me, busting through blocks and transcending limits.

You are the creator, so go on and keep creating.

I mean, that's the vision I choose to be painting.

- NA