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Big Sean | I Decided Album Download

"Spent my whole life tryna find the light that's at the end of the tunnel, I should have realized it was inside. So lately I been trying to get what's inside, outside." - Big Sean

It's hard to ignore the experiences taking place in our world right now, the attempts to diminish one's light. Yet, we are at such a pinnacle moment of time, that in the face of these experiences, we are being asked to see our otential to create change, by see the light we hold inside our hearts and empowering movement forward.

And in the face of change, the most monumental way to empower change, is to be the change, and then ceate through the eyes of one who has changed. Big Sean and his work here is something of which will shake and stir souls to speak up, to see and believe in something more. By believing in yourself, in your own worth and value here on earth, and speaking up about it, sharing your voice through your vision, your art is the most monumental way, one can ever create great change.

And this vision, is one I'm sure will stir alot of change. For when we see the light inside of us and the power we each hold as an inidivual, only change can come and we break free from the power others once held over us.

- NA