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Russ - Manifest | Download

"Movin' to the rhythm of my intuition. Anything I want I speak into existence, that's how I'm living, that's how I'm winning" - Russ

I love how music finds me in strange ways. I just discovered this new artist (at least new to me ;) ) after a powerful weekend breaking through barriers and stepping into a more abundant, powerful view of myself.

Each day, week, year, life, we grow and we can progress at various speeds in our experience, we can go lifetimes with slow movement and then on the flip side, we can go days passing through light years of blocks, we chose for our self, so we can find ourselves, discover new sides of who we are and how we can bring our dreams to manifest and when I found this song, it just lifted up my heart. It reminded me, in such a simplistic, yet poetic way, that what we think, feel, and speak comes into existence, so long as we are willing to clear our judgments of it and step outside of the norm to do something different.

Today, I'm choosing to do something different and I'm going to be walking to the music of Artist, Russ. Blessed to have discovered his music and I'm vibin' with it.

- NA