This is NA | Beauty Lay Within

Kirsty Mitchell | Order Book

Beauty is beauty-full. This masterpiece is a work of art in itself. Not just for the images created, or the designs unfolded within, yet for the life, Kirsty Mitchell has formulated and the work she put in. She has presented the world with a body of art, that is timeless, as much so, as she is. She has opened her heart and her mind and looked behind a veil of a greater kind. She has seen inside and brought to life a vision for all mankind to intertwine. As they are captured by the beauty of the images and the detailing of what has been created, being "impressed" is fairly understated.

This woman, Kirsty, is much like yourself, she is a visionary and not just because of what she has been able to produce, however, because when you truly hear her words come through and capture a glimpse of her spirit shining here upon you, understanding the story of the life she has moved through... you can surely not hide the magnetism of her eyes and of all that she has brought to life. The love she felt for another, the beauty she has come to realize, the passion for producing and the ability to do so, no matter the time it takes to do. Moving through hills and valleys, cloudy days and clear skies, she has found her way to the inner eye and now, she holds a gift that lay within her eyes. So to be able to realize that her path is not one of many, it is unique and extraordinary.

You can be sure her work does not stop here, her passion and love reach out and her drive to create something that will last lifetimes to come, for others to feel as they pass through the veils of time. Her mission is one with purpose, her heart is one of gold and she is a master at life, living large. Thank you, Kirsty Mitchell, for sharing your heart and being so brave and willing to express your vision with such perfection and imperfection, all the same, you have created. Your life, matters, your life is one to inspire. Your life is one of which you have dreamed the impossible dream, countless times over again and you created this world through a magical belief. And then carried this dream throughout your day to day living, everywhere you walk you are creating. Everyone you meet you is affecting. Thank you for being so willing, to share your love and drive to live out your dreams, never allowing the doubt or fear to override your passionate beauty, so you could realize the love you have on the inside, outside in a form for so many to bear witness too. For so many to grab a hold on to. For so many to know they too, can dare to live the dreams they came here to.

This is a story, that many can have, if they are so willing, to open their eyes and live their life, freely, openly to hit bumps and breaks and still proceed, that no matter what gets taken away, no matter what gets left behind, or no matter what struggles they face, they will surpass the masses and live a life they dared to dream, no matter the moves it makes. So let this story, this life, the life of Kirsty Mitchell, be one to recognize as your own, that you too can stand up tall and do all that it has to take, to achieve the dream you have been dreaming. To live the life you have been creating. Your whole life has been built for this, all it takes is for you to jump in. To leave behind what you once believed to be imaginary and live the life of the extraordinary. No matter how many tries it takes. 

This is "Gaia, a Birth of an End". It is time to Wake Up and see your light is the light that shapes the world you live in. So be willing, be daring, be passionate and be caring and life has a funny way of surprising you with the opportunity of sharing. An opportunity to share your message, your light, your vision, with the world of many. So don't give up now, keep on going. Live the life you've been daring. You got this, you have been preparing.

With love, the love you have been carrying and sharing comes many more memories of the extraordinary visionary. So stay centered and willing. Life is about the journey that you are willing.

- NA