This is NA | Embodying Your Divine Feminine Power

Willow Smith | Listen

The expression of self is defined by the very own creator itself. Here is an impeccable expression of creation through light, love and sound frequency by Star Seed and Divine Feminine Creator, Willow Smith. Listening to Willow's voice, her sound frequency and essence of peace, you can engage the views found deep within her soul. Allowing her divine presence of insight and vision of the female energy to pour through her art.

With Willow Smith's infinitely wise words and the presence of peace, her sound ripples throughout your being, she holds such power with her words and enlightens the masses through her visionary works of art. The perspective she sheds on the world we know touches a multitude of platforms, music is only one form of her expressions of the unique vibration she sheds her infinite light on. When you dive into the heart and soul of this fellow traveler, you will see another worldly expression of yourself. When you look closer, you shall see yourself. In all ways and in all forms, we are one.

Realize The Power You Hold Within | 5 Steps to Embody Your Divine Feminine Power

Are you seeking to empower your spirit to truly take advantage of the life you are here to live and feel ready to step into something different, as to engage a new perspective of life and how you can create within it, through your eyes, your voice and your unique perspective this world has been needing?

If so, then I have the steps for you! Here are 5 of the key steps I took, to find myself living my dreams come true and thriving in the lightest form of myself. 

Life can be hard at times, it gets mucky and fogged up, we place conditioning on ourselves of what we can or cannot do and how we go about it matters in this world, yet if being pulled in a direction that doesn't resonate with you, it can get blurred and detract from who you are, because you aren't truly living as the most authentic and whole version of yourself. It's true, we at times, "think we know what we want" and suddenly, life changes and we realize we want something completely different. The track we were on, just isn't living up to it, we feel depleted and can get distracted, life begins to feel draining and we somehow feel like there is no way out, from the life we have created. Yet, from my own personal experience, as much as I loved parts of my life, there were major sections missing, of who I was on the inside, that had me hating life. I needed to detoxify and find what mattered most to me in life. Today, I'm in the happiest, healthiest and seriously in the most awesome state of being, I've ever felt possible and I promise, YOU can be here too, because well... Life is Good and we all have something to offer this world that is unique to who we are, and how we got here.

So get ready for a journey to create new beginnings and see a new side of yourself come to be, because as you step out of the old, stagnant energy and step into the power you have to create infinitely, you will embody something so vibrant within you, that others have no option but to stop and say "Hey, look at you!!!" with a smile on their face and a sense of joy to see you crusin' down that highway of life, looking so fresh and bright. You deserve a good life.

1. Believe You Can

That's it, it's that simple, all you need is to BELIEVE. To believe in you and your power to wake up and DECIDE on something new. Life is made up of a ton of decisions, we can either choose to be happy or choose to stay in a place of suffering. When I made the decision to light up my life once again, it was tough, sure, but it was so worth it. To say YES every day, to a better me, to happier me, to a seriously awesome self, it was freeing. And all I had to do was believe that I can change, that I can do it and that I could live a life full of dreams come true.

2. Love You
Forget what everyone else is saying, forget what has happened in the past, let it go. Leave it in the past. Forget what others expect or think of you, they love you and those who do will be there for you, through and through. Forget what you have been taught to know, or feel or see or do. You have infinite potential to create and live with intent, purpose, and power. It is all within you. Practice acts of loving yourself, with loving care. Tell yourself how much you love YOU, tell the world, how much you love YOU, by showing up, making a difference and walking your path with no regrets. Don't let anyone dim your light, only you have the power to give it away and it's another choice you make. From here on out, show yourself just how much you love yourself and say YES to the things you want, those things that bring light to your eyes, a smile on your face and glow, so everyone can see you from a mile away! Be ok with saying NO to the things that make you unhappy, you know those things that crush your spirits or weaken your vibe. They aren't deserving, so walk away with a smile in your eyes and be ok with the choice you made, because all you're doing is loving yourself a little more each day, through the choices you make and letting go of those people, places and things that no longer resonate.

3. Be Ok With Being Alone

When you make the choice to LOVE YOU and practice saying YES and NO, you may find yourself finding more time alone, or in places that may feel a bit lonely. This is ok, this is just a point in which you are needed to self-reflect. Sometimes we come to places in our lives where we need to be alone and away from what all the other voices in our life are saying, that's because their thoughts, comments, and feelings are impressionable upon our beings. When another person is in your presence they can pick up on the vibe you are giving, so if you aren't feeling so hot or if others keep pumping the gas on the negative vibes, walk away and take time alone. Think about what is really surfacing and how those feelings are yours and yours alone. Tap into what is arising, feel the feeling, express it to yourself, ask it questions or draw it out. Then take some time in silence and let go of your thoughts. Meditation and mindful breath can also help stir new feelings and new states of awareness so to transform the bad feelings into good ones. Sometimes, we need time alone, so we can tap into ourselves and figure out what is really going on, underneath the skin and bones. So be ok, with being alone, you're allowed.

4. Play

Everyone needs a little time to laugh and play. Connect to your inner-child by giving yourself a day to swing on a swing, to dig in the sand, to swim with the fishes like you did when you were that little one, bring the playful spirit inside you, back to life. All you are doing is awakening yourself them from inside! Find ways you can play, in your everyday life, and find people that resonate with that vibe. Choose experiences that bring your life to a high, where you feel as if you are floating and walking on clouds filled with rainbows in the sky. You might be surprised how many sunny days you meet with this insight. Clouds literally begin disappearing before your very eyes when you can engage the essence of playfulness and adventure through your mind and embody it in your life. This form of play is unique to you, so do what feels best for you and remember its all about being kind to you.

5. Tap Into Mother Nature

Get outside! This can be a part of play if you like, but it's also a part of finding love again with the Creator/Mother inside. The female energy that gives you life. It is the makeup of your body and the presence of your being. She sings to you at night and holds your hand when you are crying. This energy is one that is so deep within you is just waiting for you to engage her, so find ways to get outside and reconnect to the most natural forms of life and see what blessings they lay upon your feet. The plants, the trees, the birds, and animals, all have messages to share, so do the elements like the touch of the wind brushing through your hair, across your cheek. Now as you are walking about, remember to plant your feet into the soil, feel yourself ground and embody a new version of yourself, here in this world. We stemmed from the above and the below, we are a combination of the heavens and the earth below. Nature can revive our spirits and return our high, to live in love, you know, that super power you have inside.

There are a million ways to find your way to a better life. To a life well worth living through love and joy. The imagination of one individual is infinite in nature so expand your mind and see what you come up with and share your insight. As you progress through time and unlock a new experience, share those here or out there, with how you found your super power and how these little steps, led to all new heights.

- NA