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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

A Global Awakening is Happening...

Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Dear Universe,

We are in the midst of a Global Awakening, an experience we have been processing throughout all time. Yet for some, many or maybe even all, we are receiving means for new life, and a rise in planetary vibes. Meaning we are opening our minds to new possibilities of what one may experience in this world and "the next" as pure possibility. Yet, this does not need to mean "death", as death is merely a means for transformation. And thus, the purpose for a shift in perspective. 

Hence why many in the collective are questioning, facing or seeing others face their own "mini-deaths". Remember as you process through this time, it is about new life, a means for creation and self-discovery for how one can use their own unique process to help the world transform and awaken, so as you approach your own "death" process, begin to question ::

  • What are we collectively releasing? vs What am I personally transforming?

Each of us filter the collective perspective uniquely and as we become more aware and present to our own situations we can discover our next steps, unfold a greater perspective in our realities and unveil a new way of being.

  • Therefore I ask, what does this mean for YOU?

As this will mean something different for each. If you are not "in the middle" of your own "death" and are witnessing this process on the "outside", seeing someone transform, awaken or let go of pieces of themselves, they once believed was "the way for them", take notice and be patient, as these are reflections of your own inner being. 

  • Thus, I ask you, how do your reflection's of death and personal transformation help you create change in your life?

  • What does death mean to you and what does it mean for one to transform?

Enabling yourself to question these perspectives by watching the process in another allows you to carry forward without the requirement to fully engage the being. You are simply allowing yourself to watch, listen and absorb new sorts of information.

  • When you see another suffering - how do you act or react?

  • When you see another thriving - how do you act or react?

  • Is there a difference between the two? Is this positive or negative in your eyes? Or do you maintain a strong balance of non-judgement?

In the case of you, yourself, if you are in the process of transformation...

  • Are you still holding onto judgements or comparisons?

  • Or are you willing to see "all sides" and accept all as beautiful?

In order to re-awaken, one must look at death and experience it more wholey, that means both from the doing and non-doing. In each scenario, above being the one moving through the process of transformation and being the one witnessing the experience, it's important to find peace in both perspectives. This doesn't mean you must be "perfect", as there is no true "perfection", except to see we are all perfect, in every moment, no matter how "imprerfect" we feel about our experience.

We are on a journey; a process in self-discovery and the deeper unveiling of what life and death is, as a community. This is all defined as beauty.

The Journey of One's Awakening

When we decide to take on new life, and embody the universal consciousness on the rise, we discover the depths of which is possible for human evolution, before our very eyes. Many will read about it, many will think they understand it, and yet it is for those who choose to experience it, that will surely receive the bounty that comes from it. 

This is the being-ness explored throughout life.

Those who choose to experience a re-awakening of the soul, will also take on the good, the bad and all that comes with it. As a sort of volunteer position. Balancing the experience of it all it has triggered us to step into a deeper layer of trust in the Universe (Source, God, Higher Self, Spirit - whatever it is you want to claim as "it'“). As the Universe is here ensuring that each individual who was selected (or was chosen - however you choose to perceve it) to pave the way, will receive all the support they shall ever need, while they learn to navigate these new frequencies. 

Trust is key.

The receiving one is asked to trust in, does not necessarily mean "monetary", this means experiencing the bounty of which we already yield in time, through our energetic fields. Understanding that gifts come in many forms, thoughts, ideas, processes for experience, opportunities presented, people encountered, and much more that would be too long a list to include here. The important part is that you see all experieneces as a gift from the Universe and then ask yourself...

  • How can I "use what I've got", to make more?

Answering this question alone, as a soul focus, enables one to truly step into the Creative Mindset. With a once "limited" perspective, you might notice the more you get creative with ALL you have, the more you are opening the gateways to the Visionary within. Empowering your mind to take on bigger "problems", which in turn means experiencing the solving of larger situations happening in our Collective's evolution.

The Collective is currently uveiling a rise in vibration, and each individual plays their own role, at what level, at what rate and at what freuqency is up to your own Divine Being. No one individual is greater or less than, it may appear one is "higher or lower" and yet each is of significant value and no matter where you stand, with all that is happening, we begin to experience how the "flip of a switch" is happening, and where you once stood, you do so, no more and where you are going, is merely a new place to explore.

Whatever the form. Look at each moment as if it is a new art-form, a new way of being and experiencing what life is like for the eternal being.

If one is not yet aware of energy fields, and is experiencing the process of awakening, there will come a time for more learning, and rapid moments of experiencing will increase as a means to assist in the remembering of who you are as a Divine Being, energy, light, sound and frequency in connection with the whole.

Our Natural State of Being

There is an energetic field that is abundant in nature, that surrounds our very creature and our worlds as one. Each field connects with another, forming a bigger picture - embodying the micro and macro aspects of ONE creat-ure. Worlds blend and come together and there in those moments we learn how to "be" together in the ONEness of Nature, as Creators.

Yet here's the thing, this field, it stems from within you and me. These things aren't "out there" being presented externally, because they are "outside" of who we are, they are apart of us, and the projections of our minds, create the illusion that they appear externally in the world around us or separate from the others that are presently with us.

What I notice is that, until we are willing to see, hear and experience the frequencies of all reality as ONEness, the multi-dimensional self, we will be walking the path to discover our wholeness. For the individual to experience ALL that is, the ONEness of which we are, we step into time, to explore and uncover more within the natural state of who we are; ONE light, ONE source, ONE song - A "Uni-Verse". There and then as we expand upon the bigger picture again we become "more", yet we place reminders to share that we are never "less than", we simply contract and expand as one. 

The Process of Growth 'Happening'

Paying attention to the process of contraction and expansion to explore the means of our consciousness, we take notice of the phrases "Above and Below", "Within and Without", for all that is, is swaying throughout. Showcasing this connection between worlds, we can engage new earth by taking notice of its reflection in the passing of an "old earth" and the frequency of what once was. As a wave like function, we uncover the meaning and depths of what a transformation in our Earth's experience means for our Galaxy and our Inner Being. Remembering to notice the experiences of both the Collective and Individual realities throughout the transformation of time we are currently experiencing.

Letting go of the need for control over every situation, a deeper awareness of Trust in Receiving is being asked. To witness the process of what it means to accept "The Universe Has Your Back".

Never fully "knowing" where it began, what we do know is that it is present, and we can feel it throughout our experience. The Universe that is. How one begins to sense and feel these things, is by tapping into the energy that yeilds our being. Your heart, and it's beating.

All while Awakening to deeper meaning, of the frequencies we are receiving.

In these moments, we are awakening many layers of experience which may lead some to question ::

  • "What is the meaning to their life"?

  • "How can I find deeper purpose in what I do?"

  • And some may question, "Why me?", "Why am I worth?" or" What is my life worth living for?"

These questions, simply lead us to discover deeper purpose, awareness and perspective that will help the Collective progress. Each individual will read into those questions differently, and no matter where you are along your journey, the more you question your reality and choose to see new meaning, you may find more purpose and meaning through the perspectives you are receiving.

In moments of unknowing, death happens. A small inner critic starts weeding out the foggy senses of your essence. Cleansing the auric field from within and without. This takes place and we begin to start feel differently, experiencing life more intimately, or vividly, vibrating higher in our being and sensing the freuqencies that are calling us forward along our paths of discovery.

Breaking the molds of who we are in time, means one will begin to break free from the molds of time, stepping forth onto the path of experiencing the presence of the 'Now' and learning to differentiate this between the 'Moment' and how each are reflections and projections of a greater perspective.

So, What is The Moment? and How is this different then The Now?

Through my eyes, and my own personal experience of awakening in time, I have come to discover that “the moment” is “the focus”. The framework for which you are present and experience the thoughts, feelings, sensations, visions and everything else that may come with it. The moment blends into and merges with other fields that are happening in the Now. The moment can lead your focus to feel the physicality of "where you are", and may also provide a sense of "where you will be", in weeks, months or even years beyond your current time reality.

When we engage the Now, we tap into the experience of "all time". Here in this field of experience, we have a sort of "catalogue" or filing system that sources information from each individual. All the while blending each moment together, both in physical and nonphysical nature. While it blends these together, it also holds it seperate from the other. The Now, offers you ability to move from one moment to another. To review the past all while seeing into the future, we discover how each perspective reflects the other. Ah, these two, the moment and the now, seem so similar, and yet they are different. 

Here is one subtle difference, for which you can engage in your experience, the Moment is a focus on ONE point, and the Now is the experience of ALL points.

  • If I was to ask, would you be willing to test this concept out in your current experience?

  • Then, I'd ask, would you be willing to track the results of which you are receiving, and how these moments of clarity help you progress in life?

  • Diving deeper, I'd ask, would you be willing to question how these concepts not only effect your life, but also all life, the collective consciousness of ALL that is? How would the micro and macro perspective of the Moment vs the Now, transform the way you or we live?

Here in this moment, we are given a choice, whether to continue on the path of 'old thought' and continue to embrace the experiences of which we were once feeling, or step further along the path of our re-awakening and learn to trust the experiences of which we are having by advancing our being, even if they seem scary.

Neither is positive or negative, good or bad, each is simply a choice and a perspective to be had.

So What Experience Is the Collective Unveiling in This Moment?

From my individual perspective, I notice a transformation into a Multi-Dimensional Way of Living. Seeing into the unknown by embodying all as ONE. 

Living Beyond 'the Norm'

When accepting the path of transcendance, we take notice of past experiences, a review happens and showcases how "it (the awakening) all started" within us. Some may recall only a small fraction of it, others may remember the whole journey through and others may be given insight into the past and/or future of our Earth to review.

What I notice is that, it does this by sending insight and perspective to the individual's mind, someone like you or me, that is prepared to explore this way of life and open our minds, to receive messages from all time. Then a call is connected with it, a request for action to write, paint (in which ever ways you do) and showcase these points of view for others to receive, from their points of view. By sending the signals of awakening new thought or feeling, it helps the conciousness of which we are in that moment to inspire us. This helps us to see the ways of which we are “different” through a sense of non-judgement, noting that neither way of life is better or worse and each has its place in the eyes of the Universe.

What I notice, is that at this time, the thoughts and feelings we are receiving may be acting very subtlely and in the moments we are not "listening" and our souls are dedicated to "hearing", we experience these opportunities more profoundly. The Universe is presenting “the awakening” more rapidly or progressed in its intensity. These moments start with memories, flashes, and points of revelation that transform into experience, and ways of life in which we want to engage. This is “inner vision.”

If we fear "what is coming", we may begin to feel a sense of worry, hurry or fear of what is "happening" or of what we may be "becoming", yet if we lay our Trust in the Universe, we can rest in the peace that is. These experiences are natural sensations of which happen when we awaken, for they help bring clarity to our eyes, and helps us to begin questioning old thoughts, and belief systems. Transforming our feelings and the experiences of which we are having into “new-thought.”

Asking one to identify who the Witness, the Experiencer and the Creator's are is another level to the experience of which we are having. Sorting through the belief systems of our individual, will help us clear out the clutter from our Collective understanding of what consciousness is and "how it all began", disentangling the way we have once wove our reality before, so to inspire a new way of thinking and ultimately perceiving the world at large.

"For when we shift the ways of which we perceive, we can perceive more than we once believed to be." - NA

Trusting the Process Will Unveil What We Need vs What We Think We Need

Along the path it's important for us to learn how to trust again and let go of what we think we need, so we may learn to receive deeper exploration of ur consciousness andour unique journey. Remembering that everything can happen on deeper levels then they appear to be at ANY moment, you and your spirit get to decide how fast or slow you want to go with the unveiling in time. Much like a ride, we choose what aligns with our vibe.

When the time comes, and your spirit wishes to take new a leap or make a bold move into the future, a ripple effect takes place, and guides you into a more suitable place of awareness to unveil your next steps along your process. This means the spirit that is making these transitions from one time, to another, one world into the next, is here in this moment reflecting upon all that is happening, as it is. Thus, we begin to see the connection to the past and the present, by acknowledging the Now and the Moment's perspective within it.

It is all 'happening'. 

Looking at this a little deeper and with clearer eyes, we may even begin to recognize that the future is the present moment and we may begin to remember where the past lies, here and now. Therefore, this present day feeling is becoming more and more of a dreamy sensation, things that were once so "physical" become less and less tangible and the new perspectives we hold become more and more visible. Stagnation becomes a means for progression, accepting that we can perform transmutations and create new things into being by simply allowing the thought process to unveil our inner creative being.

Where we start, is the "ending".

By releasing all that is old, we make way for the new. The more one comes to trust the abiities held within you, the more you will witness the transformations happening within your very existence. That means, not only are we awakening a new paradigm and recieving a new way to experiene life, we are also recieving the inner technology of how to create through the power of the mind. Not through the presence of 'doing' but rather through the presence of 'being'.

The Difference Between Doing and Being

Each experience is unique, one can be taught and one can be felt. Each go hand and hand with itself, yet each are again very different, yet none the less, they are interconnected. 

In the doing we take action. Yet to uncover the true nature of action, we take on ritual behaviour uncovering new awareness and perspective on our doing nature. Doing, is not taking action by "thinking" and forcing thoughts to find an answer. Doing is by receiving the thoughts that will lead you to the answer and simply being them, flowing with them as they arrive, letting go as they no longer align and then re-discovering them when the timing aligns a new perspective within the mind, all to help elevate that action into a higher vibe.

Doing therefore becomes presence of flowing with nature. Hearing a call, and moving forward with ease.

Navigation happens to uncover these experiences, yet there is a subtle difference in their actions, that we can sit with and ponder which will help us progress a little further, along our lines of succession. As we choose to see a difference, a different answer will appear before us. Doing becomes the essence of receiving. As if you are the wind and you are simply breathing.

Being is the experience of it all (the flow of consciousness). The nature of which we are. Being can be noticed, when you let go of the doing, and taking any action at all. In these moments you might notice, the beingness is Spirit in flow with it's call. A thought appears and then the experience unveils a new moment within the all. Yet never really knowing if it was you whom manfested it, or if it was Spirit, because as you let go further and further, you begin to see no difference. You live as Spirit, each thought is the experience and the doing becomes the flow within it. The actions become effortless and the purpose becomes meaningless, for in these moments we step into the perspective of "Is-ness". For everything that is, is all that is, and it is, because it is, and there is no more needed to understand it.

You live in awe.

Finding Acceptance

In these moments, there is no need to force or find anything, because you have "all that you need" and more honestly. For when you see yourself as the Now, and as the Being, you may notice you are everything and you accept yourself as you are, as whole.

You are perfect. 

  • So I ask, if you are everything and you come to need something, would you be willing to take notice that what you need already is?

  • And when you are in a place of thinking “I don't have something”, acceptance will be key to unlock the next level of your trust and surrendering along your path of freedom be?

In order for one to open themselves up to the "more" and experience that you are that something already, instead of going off in search of this something, would it be too far out for you to believe that you can "come into being"? Could you believe that by seeing and feeling this "more" as if you are already have it, means you are willing to accept the Universe has provided it. For you do not need to go out or off in search of it, and perhaps to find it or rather to be guided towards it, all you “need” is to allow your being to stay present within each moment? Be present to discover the signs and symbols unveiling themselves within the moment, and follow the clues that trigger your mind to feel gratitude, joy, peace and the abundance of life?

"If you act like a Tree and stay, when the wind blows a leaf will always find its way." - NA

Nature (and we as one) has an inner navigation system, that understands the flow of all we are being. When one can let go of 'old thought' systems (the belief that we are something that is seperate from Nature and All that is), we will see that we are no different. Unique in essence, yet all connected. Then, when we call forth for change, and awaken a new experience, you may notice an unraveling happen. A letting go of thoughts, feelings, people, places and experiences, so that as you carry on and continue to answer the call of Spirit, you will find your way through your inner being navigating the realms of the all. Grasping more of what the Universe has for us to experience.

Exploring the transitions of living and dying, all while they are happening allows us to find the new perspective aligning. Feeling more profoundly the nature of our Divine Being and bringing new light to the visions we are recieving, will assist these experiences you are currently having in one dimension or another, come full circle and expand the consciousness that we all are.

Within the being of ONE, experiencing the All, you can see how the 'Now' compacts this information, so to formulate a sense of its own true nature. As it too is evolving and is in a state of becoming, as we all are.

In Conclusion

We are transforming on so many levels in life, that at times it becomes "difficult" to put words to the thoughts, feelings and experiences of which we have as Multi-Dimensional creatures, because we are moving through the process of becoming aware of our ultimate power and divine nature. Not that it is actually any "higher" then where we stand right now, rather more of a noticing of how the "orb" that surrounds your being contracts and expands. There as we envision these things within the mind's eye, we see ourselves painting the pictures of which you are seeing in your reality, and all time. Finding our way to uncover how the same orb around our Creature, is also inside our cellular being on a molecular level.

"Down" and into each cell of your being, is the mirror image of this very moment, and yet different, a shifted perspective and each cell, while seeing itself just as you have, now here in this moment, is doing just as you have and will, as it too is evolving along its path of succession, transform into an expanded expression of its current awareness.

Thus, as we reflect on the nature of which we are right now, and what we are seeing for ourselves as an individual living within a grand world, from the micro to macro we can see how not only are we awakening into new worlds, so too is our globe and our Universe as a whole. 

Where Are We Headed?

One may or may not know, yet when we choose to accept what is, there shall be an experience of it.

For now, as you carry on along your path, simply remember to keep your aura cleansed, the best you can with it.

All this is, is ONE step to help a greater shift in the Collective of all that is.