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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

Artist Statement

The Mother, 2018

The Mother, 2018

I notice, that as I’ve begun this new journey in time, I must learn to share more. More of what I create, write, paint and draw each day. And yet, I still hide in so many ways. Fear perhaps, of being accepted, I guess. Not sure why, when we are all “a little different”. The judgement of self can overwhelm us all. No-one is perfect and we are all living raw, so why has society painted a picture that we must be one way in order to “be worthwhile”? Perhaps that was before… and it may be different moving forward. For every picture we paint, is extremely worth a smile.

So I share the visions within that pour out of my being, not to mention the ones I have even amidst my sleeping. We all have a gift to share, this is how I choose to share mine, through the artistic production of what comes to me while I’m dreaming.

And so… “As I write, I see myself entering new worlds with the people, places and experiences I’m destined to transform. It’s as if I’m staring through a violet flame or crystal ball where all is known and has been felt before. I feel the energy rise within me and so I set off on a journey to translate the visions through my thoughts and feelings, that have been encrypted within the sphere of existence I am seeing.

Like a crystal, I’m here to help raise the vibration.”

- NA