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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

Heaven is a State of Consciousness

Crystal Beach, ON

Crystal Beach, ON

I have a short story to share.

The Princess of Gaia : Heaven is A State of Consciousness

Once upon a time, there was this young girl who had a dream. A dream to be free and live amongst the flowers and the trees, and discover more about the birds and the bees. She knew that if she believed, she could find her way eventually, and yet even with her doubting she set off to discover her destiny.

Following the stars, noticing the signs, she began to make shifts within her lifeline. She found moments in time she never dreamed of realizing, all because she dared to do something different for herself in this life time. 

You see, as a young child, she never believed that she was anything special, no matter how many people would tell her how she was magical. She disbelieved, she questioned and she felt unsure, not of others words, but of herself. 

These beliefs inside her led her to suppress her innermost gifts, the light she shines so brightly from the core of her chest. Over time, these thoughts and feelings of doubt overcame her life. She was unsure of herself and all that she did in her life. Her fears overrode. Depression almost took her life and with a little bit of love that poured from within the darkness she felt, it was as if something switched in her life, as if overnight.

But that... was far from right. Because it took her years and years to realize her worth in life. She had to try different roles, play in different ways and eventually had to learn to let it all go, just so she could see her beauty in a new way. All while coming into the awareness of how to express it, no matter the picture she lives within or the perspective. 

It was as if she stood there, creating the most magical, life-changing, awe-striking moments for others, and yet when she looked in the mirror, she couldn't see herself or her power. All she could see was the sadness and overwhelm that consumed her being.

She tried different avenues to find her way back into the light of her heart, but that didn't happen without many failures on her part. None of which stopped her from trying, even if at times, it took "longer than usual" or felt like she was dying. It all helped her to get back up again and begin flying around the world she lived within.

It took years of her jumping, leaping and praying for miracles, to see that as she kept faith in herself, she would one day discover all she ever wanted. A life and home filled with wonder and beauty, with much more to come.

And so she did, she decided to get up and leave her cozy nest, fly across the world and discover "What's next?". Not only leading her to see the abundance of creation she held within, but also the amount of love she was so willing to give. 

In those moments she began discovering her heart once again, it was as if, she felt like saying, "Finally, I can live again!". Leading her to find her way into the jungles of which her Mother lived (Mother Earth that is). A return to the spirit, that so abundantly gives. Yes, the rarest and most precious of gifts. Falling, having felt so unsure of herself over so many years, she needed to learn when to ask for help, and that she did, even with her many fears.

As she embarked upon the experience to sit with new friends, discovering the connections that lay within, it was there in those moments, she felt like a kid again. Surrounded by love unlike she had ever felt before, because finally she learned how to open her heart to the world once more.

After days on end, rising and falling, she found her way to her soul's calling, Light Writing. She knew that her artistic talent would lead her somewhere, yet never in her life did she believe there was an artist "in there." 

Funny how those things happen. I mean we can live an entire lifetime doubting, doubting the core of who we are, all just to "keep on going", and be a part of a society that's breaking. But here's the thing, this young girl, never felt a part of the society she was seeing. Not because she felt "abnormal" or because she thought others were "weird" or "imperfect". Simply because she knew inside her, she was different, yet never knew how to express it.

She was magic.

This child of light believed in the depths of her imagination, and yet so rarely used it to create positive affirmations and other-worldly experiences. She feared it, not because she didn't know how to use it, but rather because she knew exactly what she could do with it. Because she had put it to use in the past and she felt it was the reason others had left. Therefore, she felt in her heart, "Why try again...? If all that ever happens is someone - either myself or others, gets hurt, falls, or feels less than...".

But you see, this thought was far from the truth, but none the less a "truth" she was carrying, (a belief within herself that only she could break - if so willing). Uncertain of how to move forward, she let go of the burdens she was baring and let the medicine she was carrying, do the cleansing and clearing. All so that she could see how at times of great change, we may need to clear the way. This is where self-destruction comes in and in order for us to build something new or reformat what it is, we must be willing to let go of what we had originally drawn, and redesign our experience to create a more beautiful one.

Learning to accept that what we shared before wasn't "less than" or "impure", but rather, different and what we share from this point forward was a part of some sort of change, towards what we (as an individual or as a collective) perceive would be "better than before". Because we all have imaginations at play, and our world is moving through ever-evolving change. It's in the moments that we are willing to accept this change, that we can find our way, and see the beauty that wants to be paved. New life always finds a way, even from the depths of the concrete that's laid.

And so she allowed herself to play with the dreams she was having, following them, as if they were guiding her somewhere she had not gone before. Until one day, she heard a strong whisper in her ear, a message she heard loud and clear. "Dimethyltryptamine, Dimethyltryptamine, Dimethyltryptamine." Words that felt so unclear, that triggered her for years. She had no idea what this meant and where it would lead, and yet it lead her here, to speak so freely.

Finding her way through time, she had to uncover many hidden messages in life. And unlock many doors that were once closed for some time, all to finally see her potential to create within this life. Walking her along a path to discover Ayahuasca, journeying her way through the jungles of the Amazon, and the cities of light. She re-discovered these words, that also brought about new light within her dream life. So that as she slept, she would awaken, again and again, all so that as she chose to open her eyes, she would one day learn to fly again, through the veils of time.

Receiving reminders of this, she opened her heart to new friends, who were also on the path to see their light shine from within again. Finding peace in knowing this, coming to accept the gifts her Mother gave her and the depths of an awakening happening in the lives surrounding her, she unraveled. And as she let her walls fall down, she discovered she could live happily ever after, as time unveiled itself.

Knowing, that no matter what happened, if she believed in herself, and could focus on her light, that she could do and be anything in life. She knew this because she was willing to face the obstacles presented and overcome the resistance she once had to see the beauty that laid within her own self.

She had a gift. One that not only allowed her to travel this world, yet also opened her eyes to travel through other worlds as well. Lighting the way for the kid inside, to step forth on her path. So she could simply be there, "along for the ride".

Ultimately seeing the light lead her to change views on life, not who she was, because, at the core of it, she was still the same, but rather this change was more about how she would choose to perceive herself, every morning as she awoke within her sleeping self.

As a means to symbolize who she had become, by finding her way through the darkest moments paved, she took on a new name.

And so, Nimea Ariana is who she "became".

In these moments, she declared her own self, changed, and asked for forgiveness along her path, so that as she continued to move forward and share new ways of self-exploration, she could free her mind, and help others do the same. To her, this was a means to accept who she was, and how "she wasn't the same".

Thus, she chose to act a little different each day, eventually opening her heart so wide, she could release her inner pain from suppressing the gifts her Mother gave.

For Nimea, forgiving herself was the hardest part of the journey, asking for help and being willing to receive it, was not something her ego wanted to admit she needed. Spending so many years hiding from herself, she knew that in order to overcome "who she was" and see the beauty that was right there all along, she would have to come to accept that she was "wrong" all along. 

Or rather, there is no "right or wrong", there is simply choice.

She began to notice that she wasn't weak, or frail, or even hurting anymore, she simply had lost touch with her inner beauty, so she could grow stronger as a Light Being. And as she did, she blamed the world around her, not seeing the choices she made to create such a life of abundance in feeling disconnection.

You see, as she grew up, she taught herself that a hard edge was how to "get further", because nice people only get hurt, or stay hurt longer, and that the "nice ones" won't be able to succeed in the eyes of "men" (Hu-man Beings that is). Not because that was true, merely because she somewhere down the line, decided it would be true, as a means to cope with the changes upon her and let go of the light she held inside. All so it could help her journey through the darkest of nights, and find the avenues she needed to experience the lightness she held inside.

You see, we all go through life changes, and it takes a journey for us to see the meaning of it.

And so, as she began to share her journey, she chose to re-write her story, as a means to re-discover the hidden messages and deeper life meaning, she explored along her path and began untangling the webs.

That journey of self-discovery lead her to find her inner beauty. Going from one moment, not knowing how to trust anybody, to finally seeing that if she trusts herself, she will have more then she ever dreamed of. All because she decided to accept that her thoughts create her reality.

Now she remembers, it is through her choices, means of perception and asserted actions to create more affirmative experiences, that she continues to step forth along the path of the everlasting. Eventually enabling one, to uncover a more meaningful way to express how "Heaven is a State of Consciousness that Lives Within Us".

And when we leave this earth, we fly amongst the stars we see before us. All so we can land upon New Earth, and re-awaken the spectrum of light that guides us.

x NA