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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

How Change Can Help Us Grow Stronger

Crystal Beach, ON

Crystal Beach, ON

Change is Inevitable.

It happens every moment, little by little. We can either accept or resist its process, yet change still happens.

No matter where we look change surrounds us. A letting go is taking place and a transformation of time and space is before us, yet we resist, we fear it's existence. For stepping into the unknown, is scary. We fear what we do not know, not because it means bad things are coming, rather it means it’s coming time for our soul’s evolution. A process of stepping into the unknown, is means for living and creating.

“Accepting change, is a new way of being.” - NA

You see, what I notice in this world and the others before us, is that we carry that which we do not let go of forward, by "holding on" to people, places, experiences, and pieces - fragments of ourselves or the creations we believed in. These are expressions of the whole that we have valued, dedicated ourselves to or went along with because it was once, all we knew. And yet, it has come time to notice, witness and encounter how these things no longer serve our progression and change them.

For the way of the future is letting go of all that is tangible and trusting we can create something out of the invisible.

As means to evolve our very nature, we do not "know" what will be needed, so rather than letting go and trusting we will be provided "all we need and more", we take what we've had before and move it forward. This is no longer needed, required and at times even wanted. It becomes distracting, for when we hold on too tightly to what we've had, where we've been and what we think is needed, we cannot see what is being presented. 

Thus, what we carry weighs us down and may prevent us from moving into the now.

We say to ourselves "how can we let go when it has served us so well before?" And yet, in the eyes of trust we can discover that within us, all we need will be provided for us, so long as we trust in ourselves to listen to our inner wisdom and set off to find it, create it and allow ourselves to fully receive it, without passing judgment on the "timing" of it. 

So why hold on at all, when our souls and our world is asking for us to move beyond and accept that change is upon us?

I cannot say "I know" the answers, all I can present are pathways to move beyond the obstacles and offer insight that may help shift a few perspectives. As there are many ways to look at this objective; of "how change can help us grow stronger".

First :: The Moment

Accepting change is a part of the process for transformation. We must first take time to notice how we are here evolving our collective, our world as a whole and the very nature of who we are as one, beyond what is known right now. Remembering this process has not "just begun", it has been underway since time begun and beyond that which we recall in these moments.

This is part of our Collective’s evolution.

When looking to move beyond "the moment", take an even deeper dive into it.

For when we can find a way to accept the reality we are in more fully, by re-learning to be present for it and uncover (or discover) the vastness of its beauty, bounty, and ability, we evolve more smoothly. This does not mean to reject that which is rocky, it means to see what is "rocky" as part of the process to receive the newness that is coming. 

And thus, when we can accept all that is rocky and all that is beautiful, we notice what we think is coming, is already here before us, because we chose to dive deeper into the moments presented to us.

No more running, escaping or distracting our being. Merely witnessing all that is flowing through our Creative Being.

Second :: The Witness

A witness does not project judgment of what is positive and what is negative. And yet we as humans have long carried our judgments of others and of self, the ideas of who we think they are or perceive them to be, as if we are waiving a flag. Because we do not yet see the abundance of our own divine beauty. This aspect of what is known, is the forgetting.

When we are too busy holding on to the past we are carrying, we cannot understand what we are witnessing, therefore what may be something different than what we have seen or experienced before, becomes clouded by past experiences. We hold onto these as memories. We hold onto the projections of the mind. Yet, when accepting change as it is being presented, we can, if we wish, see the shifting perspectives. 

Then, when diving into the moment, we can notice how the past never really happened. For it is only there as one part of our vivid imagination's infinite moments. 

Third :: The Now

Coming to discover the now may seem impossible, and yet that is far from the truth, for change is inevitable. The more we practice, the more we accept the moment and value our ability to look within it. When this happens, we move our minds beyond the fragments that hold us back from fully receiving it.

The Now :: A fully immersive experience. 

Stillness is and yet abundant movement happens. We take notice of how the inward and outward movements of flow are represented and in these moments of deep soul transformation we take witness of the light within us growing. The spirit that sparks our movement and the thoughts that become present are, our awareness.

Fourth :: Movement

Movement is like a current, it happens through us, not to us or from us. It is a part of our being. Trusting in flow will allow us to witness the miracles of be-coming; our be-ing moving full circle.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how long or short a journey is, you always return home, even if the views change?

This is because flow is inevitable. We are constantly changing, as flow is the process of change unveiling. 

So what change do you wish to see? Becuase here's the thing... you can ask for anything! Yet, with this request, we must be willing to let go of what is no longer needed by your soul, so that you may create space for what you are curious to receive as a whole. This request, does not mean it will stay forever, for change is inevitable and in order to receive one thing, we must be willing to let go of another.

Meaning, it’s time to let go of the ideas of what we think we need and live with what will fuel our creativity. Therefore, we may begin receiving the fullness of our evolving presence. The experience of a Universe stepping into the unknown, all to witness itself grow, from above and below. We can tap into this now. Did you know? When the thoughts and fears that prevent us from feeling the "real" become clear, the dreaming will appear. 

For who we are, are merely flashing lights, as if on a movie screen playing in accordance to the songs our hearts sing. This is where we dive into the listening.

Fifth :: Listening

In asking for change and taking part in this world's evolution, uncovering the now and living life to its fullest, one may not take notice, unless they are willing to listen within the moment. Feeling, sensing and embracing the experience, by listening to the callings within it. Listening to your heart and the others surrounding it takes practice and patience. 

Acceptance means trusting that not everyone will "get it", that each of us are here to experience our own process of evolving into it... wholeness.

For when we think others need our judgment, or to shed light where they did not ask for it, means we are missing the purpose and thus remove ourselves from experiencing the reasoning for us being asked to listen in the first place. There, in the stillness, we will feel it, the beaconing of another aspect of our spirit in each and every breathe. Yet we cannot rush it, for there is so much potential that can be unveiled throughout it, and the journey is an important part of the experience, yet if we are willing to listen, we will become it. The stillness.

Understanding that we may have an objective to become something greater in our lives, then what we once were, we will encounter the stillness until we are ready to accept more. Some may fear it, as it can at times feel like stagnation. And yet, the stillness within the process of be-coming is “the preparing”. If we force something or someone to be something that which is any less than "who they are in the moment", and judge them for it, we are merely judging ourselves for not moving "faster through the processes".

So why is this?

We have built a world that expects us to move quickly, perform at top speed ability and while for a time, this was integral to our being, there also comes a time where a slower process is integral to our be-coming, so we can excel into greater heights. For in these moments, we are growing, moving and flowing through the process of expanding and receiving the bounty of which we are asking to be receiving, by watching our entire Universe evolve before our third eye opening.

Yet much like a flower, if we rush the process of opening or put too much pressure on ourselves to become the flower, we weaken the stem of which is holding the flower. The part of our hearts that let us float in thin air. 

And with force majeure, we no longer get to witness the experience of the flower we are here to bare because we forgot to give the nutrients to our being that creates the richness of life. By being here and witnessing the path of be-coming clear, we return full circle to experience what is happening “here”.

Sixth :: The Return

In these moments of return, even with the strength of our core, we have learned great lessons, as a whole. If we come full bloom or do not at the core, we return to the earth of which we grew, so we may learn more about the processes of which our soul’s view.

Accepting death as inevitable means seeing death for what it is, a change and transformation of the moment that is, so we may experience the moment for what it is beyond modern day visibility. 

Everything and yet nothing at all.

When we come to see the invisible as pure potential, and no longer place pressure on the outcome, we can reach new levels of being (the state of consciousness we are living). Instead, we accept that in every moment, throughout every step, we do our best to witness it; the living. Receiving the gifts within, so that as we continue to rise and fall as flowers do, we take heed to experience the vastness of our being. For when we ask, we are always and forever receiving.

So we question, do we know what it is we are receiving?

Letting go of what we think we need and trusting in the Universe to provide the fuel that feeds your creativity…. experience life, all the while emphasizing your ability to go out into this world, and build your own reality. Meaning, take it one step at a time, by feeling into the unknown and embracing the becoming. Accepting change is how we fall and rise, and overcome the hurdles, all while we witness the miracles that appear as we embrace the cycles.

Seventh :: The Miracle of Life

This is us, inside and outside. With explanation or not, who we are and what we want, is a miracle. For not every miracle must appear out of thin air, some may choose to show you the path it took them to see you here. Witnessing the flower is a sure fire way to get you "there".

Accepting change, strengthens the connection of our heartstrings. Letting go means being open to receiving the depth of the song your soul is singing.

- NA