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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

I Am Nimea Ariana

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My Name is Nimea Ariana

"I am one. I am all. I am everything and yet I am nothing at all. I have no goal, except to be me, freely. And perhaps by me being able to express who I am, without fear or judgement of labels, I can make a difference by sheer presence. So that one day, we can all thrive in our soul’s experience." - NA

So who am I ? Well, I am me. I am like you a spirit, above all things. I have a body, I have a home, I have a life that I call my own. And yet, at the same time, none of this at all. You see, what I know is that everything I am given, I am gifted by God. The universe lends itself to me, so to express my heart as the centre of creativity.

You see, we are one, being.

I believe that we are everything and yet again, no one thing at all. We cannot be defined by what we see or hear, we can only define our lives by what we feel. We are the creators of this extraordinary life we choose to live and how we choose to experience it, is experienced through the perceptions of the life we have.

Each of us a perspective of a greater being, a Godly force that is a universal creation. This is the reason you are here, reading.

You see, you have found yourself here for a reason, a purpose for the life in which you have been creating. For something in which I have experienced and come to share may have resonated with you or inspired you to do a little digging.

For we are each on a path of Self-Discovery and Soul Transformation, in the lives we are living.

So take these moments to stop and to breathe, to allow the life force in that gives itself to us. Let go for a minute to sit back and relax. Find yourself in the places that you are destined for, while living a life free to be here and now, infinitely. 

This is a journey, that intertwines with many. The presence of one, the awareness of all, the light of love and the passion to follow a call. To hear the wind blow through the trees, and to follow the light that beacons both you and me.

I am a Creator, and thus I set out to create in numerous ways for one purpose: To design a life that speaks to the Soul’s Transformation between Life, Death and Creative Intellect. Through this life I choose to live, I set out to assist in a collective vision, one of which we get to transition and manifest a life where peace resides in the heart of all life.

It starts with one.

For me, this is heaven.

My home. Not just for one, yet one for all.

I Am Nimea Ariana and this is the story I am here to unfold.