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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA


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New York, I Am Her [ A Poem ]

Memories of you never cease to fade.

A whisper in my ear speaks each day.

A tale of how you and I came to be,

Living each moment,

Wild and free.

Life has so many ups and downs,

And yet you and I still wear our crown.

For each one comes with it’s own perspective,

An experience that helps us grow beyond…

The expected.

Trust is what got me there.

A leap of faith kept me there.

Yet fear made me run,

Unsure of what I had become,

Or how it had all begun.

I see now,

How I was always her.

Dancing in the sun and under the rain clouds.

Wild and free.

You and me.

The artist is what you gifted me.

Handed me everything I needed.

I worked for it…

And still I couldn’t even see it.

Yet here I am…

Having achieved it.

Realizing my worth,

And all I’ve created.

I’m coming back you know.

I’m sure you’ve felt it.

This time I know my place,

And I choose to walk my path,

With extraordinary grace.

Thank you for gifting me all the tools I needed,

To transform one’s reality,

The streets will feel it.

The matrix….

I see it.