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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

The Ayahuasca Fund

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru


In light of how Nimea Ariana once experienced a lifetime of depression and suicidal thoughts, that lead her to the Jungles of Peru to seek answers and means to tap into her most Divine Creative Gifts, she seeks to give back. After finding her own messages of truth with the plant medicine Ayahuasca, she sees the importance of how this tool provides a powerful means for personal transformation, healing and transcendence. Nimea Ariana lives in gratitude for the sacred insight and knowledge bestowed upon her from her journeys and wishes to “pay it forward” by giving other souls, who also desire the kind of change that only Mother Nature can provide, a chance to “live again”.

By shedding light on alternative ways of healing in life and the work of Indigenous tribes, Nimea Ariana is cultivating a fund to send others of like mind to the jungle and receive the healing gifts necessary to transform in their great time of need.

Many who seek this medicine do not have the financial means to support such a journey to do a deep dive in the Jungle, where the most profound levels of clearing can take place. So in light of knowing how it feels to need support along the path, from a financial stand point, Nimea Ariana works with gifted individuals who have abilities that are beyond the “norm”, so to share their gifts and the knowledge of which is offered by such a Sacred Plant Medicine, with the world, and beyond.

Nimea Ariana currently donates 10% of profits from her work to the formation of The Ayahuasca Fund. 

Supporting those who are in a current battle with "life-threatening" dis-ease, profound creative blocks and mental health concerns.

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