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Insight and perspective from Visionary Artist, Nimea Ariana.

“Life is but a dream we create.” - NA

The Sacred Journey of a Soul

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY


For who we are is light.

A fragment of colour, sound and frequency that is travelling along a path.

Where we are going, no-one knows.

Because each of us, have our own call to transcend home.

Along our ways we learn to accept more, fuelling our travels along our lifelines.

We uncover hidden messages and untangle deeper passages.

All so we can return to oneness.

Formulating greater perspectives.

Life happens.

Transcendence takes place and the Sacred Journey of the Soul takes place.

Acceptance, is discovering we are “the face”.

The one who has come to transform with grace,

And awaken a new point in time and space.

We are forever in peace.

- NA