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Enjoy a break from the mundane, come and explore the Visionary Senses within your brain. Uncover the blocks that prevent your growth, dive deeper into your talent and transcendent outlook and embrace the changes that lay ahead.

Awaken Within : A Visionary Retreat, to reawaken your untapped abilities, clear old patterns of belief and redefine what it means to be a Visionary Creative within a Modern World.

This 2 week retreat is infused with Light Wave Energy, and is formed in a dedicated space, for you to heighten your senses and explore your abilities to create. By integrating the lessons you receive from the Sacred Plant Medicines of both, the Divine Feminine, Ayahuasca, and Divine Masculine, San Pedro, Nimea Ariana will guide you along a journey, to discover your "why", and shed light on "how", you can act upon these visions, and use their gifts for a higher purpose.

We are here to serve a call, awaken new insight and redefine what it means to be a creative, living a multi-dimensional reality in this life time.

Come and discover your path ahead,

This is YOUR next step.


Space is held at 12 Participants.

Who Should Attend :

Seekers of The Unknown

What To Expect :

This retreat will dedicate 14 days to the unveiling of purely untapped potential and ability to create the visions that lay within. Channeling your spirit to prepare you for new growth and the experience of sharing new ideas, opening you up to new means for creation, by learning how to access the higher realms of your imagination.

Come, learn, play, explore.


Intention Setting : Each guest will receive a 1:1 consultation with Visionary Artist + Creator, Nimea Ariana. Discussing what your true desires are for your life, your career and your path of success.

Retreat Experience : Offering a 2-Week Intensive Experience with both the Visionary Plant Medicines, Ayahuasca and San Pedro, Nimea Ariana will guide you through a journey of self-exploration, expanding upon how to use your gifts of creation for healing and transformation, while running a business, living your life to its fullest and re-defining what it means to be a creative, in our modern age.

What's Included :

3 - 4 x Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies
With the Divine Mother, Ayahuasca

1 x Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony
With the Divine Masculine, San Pedro

5 x Integration + Ideation Circles

Daily Yoga + Meditation Practices

Daily Workshops on
Mindset, Ritualistic Living, Creative Practices, Business Development and Energy Healing

Sacred Plant Baths + Shamanic Healing Space

1 x Personal Light Wave Session with Nimea Ariana

Mouth Watering Vegetarian + Vegan Meals

A Tropical Oasis + Environment Dedicated to a Raise in Vibration + Consciousness

Time + Space to Focus on You, Your Healing + Your Creative Being

A Personal Gift Package from Nimea Ariana

Closing Ceremony + Offering to Pachamama

Integration + After Care : One Follow up Integration Call with Nimea Ariana will be offered to each retreat participant, inclusive of the retreat fee. This call will be scheduled on the last day of your retreat. If you wish to purchase a more in-depth consulting package, you may do so upon completion of the retreat experience.

Accommodations : Both Private and Shared Spaces are offered to guests. Please advise your preference within your application.


Retreat Packages Start at $5000 USD.
Please visit the Booking Page for Package Tiers.

Please Note : Flights to and from Peru are not included in the package.


* Payment Plans Can Be Created For Those In Need. Please Contact Nimea Ariana for More Information.

Earlier Event: June 14