Take a moment to "step out of time" and awaken within, a journey of the mind.
Explore what opportunities are awaiting you, when you release the limits that are currently "blocking you".


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LIGHT WAVE ENERGY. A Metaphysical Wave of Energy, experienced and explored through a series of dedicated practices, here to assist you in creating epic life shifts along your life's path.


When stepping into the energy of Light Wave and work with Nimea Ariana, your connection will inspire a new level of awakening from within. By "stepping out of time" and into a deep state of trance and meditation, you create what feels like an alignment with a magical turn of events. All of which are designed for you to live out your greatest desires for life, offered direct from the Source of Divine Consciousness.



By opening ourselves up to new pathways within the mind, through the expansion and exploration of the heart, we begin to engage a reality where we are called upon to make stronger and bolder decisions in our life. Thereby, taking the initial step into re-awakening the depths of our creative potential.

Through our time together, you will be moved through a series of prompts and states of exploration in order to rewire the neuro-pathways within the brain, so to recalibrate the heart space connection. Essentially, clearing out the grander perspective of your whole energetic system and creating new bounds within it. Once these paths have been aligned through our time together. a series of ripple effects take place to create deeper levels of awareness and transformation of the self. Thus, through this transformation of the self, we produce a shift in perception, perspective and connection, opening new doorways in how we act or re-act to every day experiences or opportunities that get presented.



Creative potential is something we all have within us, whether we acknowledge it or not. It is through our imagination and our ability to ideate, that we can problem solve and come up with solutions that are effective and reasonable for us to accomplish in time. Thus, as we utilize the answers found within, our internal guidance system becomes strengthened or at times simply "re-opened", so that we are able to use these to more effectively move us forward in life.

As we progress in the connection to our "Higher Selves", strengthening our will, forming a stronger line of communication opens between us "now" and us as the Master of our natural talents and gifts. As we bridge this gap, that has been separated within us through time, we open within us a portal of cognitive recognition that enables us to use our talents and gifts with more ease, certainty and clarity in direction or focus. Therefore, acting as a catalyst to formulate deeper connections to the world around us, and how we interact with the people, places and experiences that approach us each and every day. Attuning our hearts, and our vibrations to the Higher Purpose or Higher Calling beaconing out to us.

Moving further into the depths of our inner worlds, the levels and layers that Light Wave can provide are truly limitless and they open us up to an infinite tap of energetic resources.


 Lucid Dreaming | Photo Care of Nikolay Tikhomirov

Lucid Dreaming | Photo Care of Nikolay Tikhomirov



It is my belief we all have a purpose, a rhyme or reason, that we came to explore as we participate in this game called Life. Therefore, when we begin to engage a deeper awareness and connection to the natural talents and gifts we have, through the means of engaging our energetic systems as a way to create, we not only connect more profoundly to our inner guidance system, it also offers us an opportunity to learn how to navigate our inner and outer worlds as reflections. Therefore, as we enable these connections, we can then begin to create or therefore attract (whatever we please) with more ease. Therefore, strengthening our ability to use the natural Laws of The Universe to a greater advantage, in receiving our optimal realities.

Your purpose or higher calling does not have to relate so specifically to a "job", however it most always relates to a vocation and the ways of which one chooses to live their life.



Light Wave simply opens you up to enhance the state of your life, by presenting clear paths to create and play within the realms you choose. Each individual is different therefore, each attunement in energy, will provide the alignments that are appropriate to create the desired lifestyle and overall reality, you choose from a soul level.

With this being said, sometimes what we think we want, isn't always what our souls need to progress. Therefore, as we re-calibrate the connection to our hearts and our Higher Selves through dedicated practices and energy sessions, the more profound the shifts we may realize. Which may at times call forth drastic shifts in momentum and experience. Meaning, you may have deep inner realizations about your position in life, relating to a job, relationship, living arrangement or any experience at the forefront of your mind. Thus, prompting you to make choices and decisions about your current situations and life scenarios, that may at times call for a shift in your experience.

Not everyone will experience this in such "drastic measure", however, if you feel you have been "sleeping" on a decision in life, Light Wave will prompt you with a strong sense and/or force, edging you into a new level of your awakening. This will only ever come in the ways of which you need to formulate the realizations necessary for your evolution, through your conscious mind's experiences. Essentially, this allows you to "see the light at the end of the tunnel" and take advantage of moving into it, by advancing yourself into a new paradigm, where things are more aligned with your greater life goals and the experience your Higher Self is moving you towards.

If this is the case, this is exactly the reason you came here to this page and are contemplating Light Wave. If you want to make a shift, yet are feeling incapable or are unsure of how to move forward, our work together will open that door and our conversations will help decipher the codes your spirit has offered, so to make the decisions you need, to move onward and upward.





* Light Wave Sessions are here for those seeking life transformation + spiritual development..
Through a creative lens, Nimea Ariana will assist you in discovering your path to understanding the Visionary that lays within.


Please Note:

All Sessions are offered Online or In-Person at Special Events.