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Conversation with Nimea Ariana : Visionary Artist
100 Days of Depression Podcast with Krissia Valiente

100 Days of Depression Podcast, opens the doors to what it's like behind the scenes, of the body, mind and soul all whilelooking at our way to create and develop our businesses, so we may "be here" to "shareour voice". Within the conversation, we share experienes on Ayahuasca, Feeling Stuck, Entreprenuriship, Being Your Business and how to find clarity, to "do your work".
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The Re-Think It Series with David Cohen

The Re-think it Series was a panel discussion on the things that matter, interviewing game changers and new thought leaders about work, business, health, money, and spirituality.

Season 1. Episode 16 
Visionary Life Podcast with Kelsey Reidl

A Conversation on Serving Your Higher Purpose, Ayahuasca, Manifestation, Living as a Visionary Creative and Leading a Transformative Life.
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Portraits of Modern Day 'Healers'
The Wall Street Journal with Cassi Alexandra

Nimea Ariana wasn't always known as who she is today, it took a process of unveiling and the walk of self-discovery for her revealing such inner transformation and change. Take a look at Cassi Alexandra's perspective on healers, as she shares her portraits of the Modern Day 'Healers' she's encountered in New York.
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