Custom "We Are" Piece [Deposit]

Custom "We Are" Piece [Deposit]


The We Are Collection is designed in alignment with individuals who’re ready to take the next step along their path of soul evolution and seek to “wear their heart on their sleeve”. We Are is a series of work designed for like minded Creators, Visionaries, and Way Showers that seek to express their truth and power to manifest their dreams. Amplifying one’s vibe Nimea Ariana channels your unique energetic signature on clothing she hand paints or designs just for you.

Please Note this is a Custom Product Design Deposit

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We Are Custom Product Design Process
Images shown above are examples of works created previously. In order to purchase a custom We Are piece, please submit your request by completing the following form when you submit your deposit and click purchase. This will begin the product development process with Nimea Ariana and confirm your inquiry within our production office.

When placing your order you will receive an email within 24-48 hours to discuss the details of your design and confirm the vision for your We Are piece.

$500 Deposits are held in order to confirm your request for a unique We Are product design. Additional fees apply dependant upon complexity of the design and product request. If you have questions before you proceed please email us to discuss your ideas.

Please Note :: We Are pieces can take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. If you wish to rush an order, please identify this in your conversations with Nimea Ariana and additional fees will apply.

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