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A Light Wave Experience

After years of developing concepts, building brands and experiential environments for her own business and corporate clients, Nimea Ariana is now offering Intuitive Business Consulting services. These services are for those who are prepared to bring their gifts to the world, while inspiring change. Understanding there will be highs and lows in life, its come time for change. These inspiring consulting sessions are for those that are willing to put in the “work”, so to get “there”.

Consulting “A Little Different”

Building a brand and developing a business, takes time, practice, patience and perspective. Nimea Ariana offers a series of avenues of which she can help you develop. Whether your focus is to bring your gifts to the corporate market, inspire an online tribe, develop a new product or produce a visual experience, Nimea Ariana has the resources and experience to help you “get there”.

Nimea Ariana’s Business Perspective

Nimea’s belief is that there is such a thing as a calling in life, as well as a spirit within every idea and business. We each have a belief around what we want to create in this world and yet sometimes we experience miracles and sometimes we experience shifts that have us transform those ideas into new ones.

Nimea knows that in life “you never know”, but in business we always have “some idea”, so she cultivates her clients perspective around harnessing that idea and strengthening its power. Opening one to develop a deeper connection to what they want for their realities and their businesses alike. Assisting one to attune to the inner voice and wisdom we all hold inside, she offers insight and perspective on what one can truly begin to realize, by connecting to the spirit of their business through time.

At times this spirit asks us to make adjustments, which leads to a shift in our personal beliefs and potentially even lifestyles. When dealing with our belief system and what it means to lead a business into the new age of which we are aware of the mind, body, soul connection, Nimea draws deeper awareness to the voice behind the ideas and your dreams to come.

Each experience will be different and each idea or business will require a unique perspective. So Nimea works with you 1:1 to develop a plan of action and helps you implement it.

Each Business Consulting Session is currently priced at $300 USD / hr.

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