Morning Pages

Morning Pages


Morning Pages
Formulated as a dedicated practice to cleanse and clear the energetic palate of Nimea Ariana’s mind, she chooses to ritualistically wake each morning and paint. To set the tone for her day, she discovers how each page opens her eyes to her abundant reality and enables her to see more clearly the unique sense of vision she has for life.

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Morning Page Selection Process
Images shown above do not necessarily coincide with what work is currently available for sale. In order to select a work to purchase, please see instructions below for Nimea Ariana’s Morning Page selection process. Thank you.

• Please visit the Morning Pages Collection here and discover the pages currently available for sale.
• Then please select from the drop down menu above, the Article No. (ie. 020-2018) that coincides with the piece of work you have found amongst the bunch.
• If you would like Nimea Ariana to select an Intuitive Pick for you, please select this option from the drop down menu.

Please Note each piece shipped is an Original Work by Nimea Ariana.