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As Visionaries, it is by the ideas and visions that flow through our mind’s eye to capture, that we create a new world for others to see. As we dare to bring those ideas from the subconscious to the conscious part of our reality, we bare witness to a transformation in time. The Higher Self Sketchbooks were created in order to ensure the safe keeping of these visions so that as we are ready to unleash and unravel the culmination of our projects, we find ourselves with one dedicated space to ensure their manifestation.

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Sketchbook Cover Options
Each sketchbook has been designed in both Hard Cover and Soft Cover options and are protected by a Higher Self Creator Spirit.
Product Details :: 120 pages - 8 x 10 in, and 70 lb paper. Hard Cover and Soft Cover options

Please Note Shipping will take approx. 2 weeks (dependant upon location) as each piece is printed on demand.