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Hi ! My name is Nimea Ariana, as a Visionary Artist, Designer, Writer and Healer by Nature, I use my gifts to create the extraordinary. I design with intent, seeking to create a transformation within the world around me, by engaging the process of Self-Discovery.

Dedicated towards a path of empowering the Visionary Mind's rise in all who choose to walk the path and discover the Creator inside, I create and share transcendental experiences, that serve to inspire a re-awakening of spirit.

As the Creator of Light Wave Energy, I act as a catalyst for new beginnings through various means of personal transformation.

Sharing love and spreading good vibes, I’m here now to share my heart and my story with the world, so to cast and create a new art form. One where we journey our lives as living works of art, in motion.

"For we are, who we are and we are beauty-full."

- NA

Nimea Ariana Love Thy Self


I am woman.
I am one.
I am all.
I am a Visionary of the Soul.

I see within and share without,
The visions of love and truth,
I have found.

Exploring the depths of consciousness found,
As I travel through this extraordinary existence,
I seek to unfold and unveil a journey,
Where I share how I came to find myself,
Here and now.

As a dreamer,
A seeker,
And believer,
I am here as an active traveler.

Diving within,
Exploring throughout,
I journey through the life I have found.

I ask,
Unfolding new questions.
I receive,
Exploring their meaning.
I share,
My visions of truth,
Through the lens of which I came to see you.

My story has many facets,
This is one way,
In which I can express it.

So I begin, by expanding my presence,
And offering thoughts of inspiration,
To spark a remembrance,
So to set you off on your own expedition.

To seek,
And question...
Everything you know,
So to expand your own Divine presence.

Unveiling new light,
Of who we are,
And what we are here to do with it.

The knowingness of which we are gifted.

- NA