Nimea Ariana Visionary Artist + Designer


As a Visionary Artist + Designer, I create works of art and experiential environments that soothe the soul and activate the energy of the space you live within. I design with intent, to cleanse and clear one's palate,  invigorating the mind, body + spirit to think "a little different". 

I act as a catalyst for change, and my work, be it on canvas or in the creation of space is designed to activate a new perspective that stems from within. Creating deeper awareness around who we are as humans during this time of great change upon our planet. 

My vision is to shed light, so that as I rise and shine, so do others in life. And thus, mornings are my time to set the tone for my day, be it 3 AM or 8. I use every moment to create.

By sharing love and spreading good vibes, I open my heart, one work of art at a time, and thus I also use my time to write, and journey the Visionary states within one's mind. So that as I do, I return with a new dream or two, all to share the visions that pour through each exhibit and activation that I've come to envision, as I continue to live the life of my greatest ambitions.

Join me along this journey of self-discovery and creative expression, as we begin to envision a new image for our world, as "living works of art, in motion".

With Love + Gratitude,

x Nimea Ariana